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Bonnie Glassner

About Me

I am a retired Public School teacher, who taught students with disabilities, for 35 years.
My retirement has given me time to discover my passions and learn more about myself. I have
always loved other people’s art and did try and incorporate it into my teaching.
When I first retired I did lots of different crafts. Then, I began exploring different mediums to
paint with and since I couldn’t decide which medium I liked best, I began to mix all these
mediums together and first became a mixed media artist. During this time, I found the medium
of Alcohol Inks. I was attracted to their vibrancy of colors and the way they flowed on various
substrates. Four years ago there wasn’t a lot of information on how to paints with these inks, so
I did lots of experimentation and finally found my style. Since then I have taken a couple of
online art classes to enhance my skills as an Alcohol Ink Artist.
Most of my paintings are Expressive Landscapes. These are influenced by my travels to
Southeast Asia, Mexico, and the United States. I love to interpret the memories of the beauty of
these places in my artwork.
Today, I proudly call myself an artist. I’ve enjoyed and learned much about how the art world
works, through selling in galleries, entering contests, or presenting my paintings online. I now
believe that anything is possible, that dreams do come true if you are passionate about what
you choose for yourself.

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